Advantage Strategy Consulting works with small, disadvantaged, and other professional service firms to boost their rate of success and grow their portfolio.  Preparing all elements of a qualifications-based proposal can be a significant undertaking, and to be successful, you need to be targeted. This effort is further increased if you are pursuing federal contracts.

It all starts with a plan and a strategy.


Proposal Strategy, Process, & Tools

Before a Request for Proposal even comes across your desk, having proper decision-making processes and tools will allow for quicker and better responses.  This starts with a Go / No-Go process that is consistently applied so that you can write less proposals to win more work.  Having a structured proposal process is a key first step in your strategic approach.

Another key element of your proposal strategy is having the right tools and templates ready to go when that must-win opportunity hits your inbox.  This may be standard forms, or registrations needed to be able to submit the proposal.  Being strategic and ready to respond quickly when an opportunity presents itself gives you a competitive advantage.

Proposal Mgt.png

Proposal Management

Qualifications-based proposals, particularly Federal proposals, require rigor and a methodical approach to ensure all elements of scope, evaluation criteria and required submissions are covered.  This can seem an overwhelming and costly undertaking.  Advantage Strategy Consulting brings needed agility and flexibility to help you tailor an appropriate proposal process to your size and budget, as well as the complexity of the Request.  We can support a portion of the process – such as Win Theme development or Team Reviews – or  manage the entire process.


proposal review

When your firm can internally manage the proposal strategy and process, it is still beneficial to have independent reviewers of proposals. This can be done during team reviews or simply asking a fresh set of eyes to take a discriminating look at the entire submittal.  We will review your proposal using the same methodologies as the source selection board, through the eyes of the reviewer.  We will provide you an overall evaluation of the proposal, plus recommend edits and ways to fill gaps to improve your scoring and rate of success.