What if you led a team that hung on your every word, shared your vision of the future, and worked diligently and collaboratively to make that vision a reality - through any challenge that arose?

 With the Inspirational Leader Accelerator, you will have people throughout your organization wanting to work with and for you, striving for your vision of the future, and exceeding every goal. You will inspire others to action and you will learn how to become the Inspirational Leader in your organization in just 12 weeks.

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Right now, you may be struggling with keeping your team on track to meet their goals. There is a lot of tension in your life between focusing on your team, focusing on your work, living in meetings, and making sure all is well at home.

It can be easy to lose sight of the big picture and where you want your team, your company, and your career to be in the coming years. While being pulled and stretched in so many directions, it is also lonely because there are not many woman around you that can share in your experiences and challenges, cheer you on, and help you figure out the path ahead.

Imagine if ...

You knew exactly how to leverage your strengths to be a stronger leader.

You had all the tools and knowledge to develop your team and get them not only 100% bought into your vision, but passionate about making it happen.

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You painted a vision of the future for yourself, your team, and whole organization that was crystal clear to you and everyone you talked to about it.

You had a detailed action plan to make your vision a reality.

Wouldn't You Be Unstoppable?

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Meet Mary Jo

My name is Mary Jo Mullen, and I am a speaker, facilitator, and coach. I help grow dynamic leaders and build strong and productive teams across business, government, and non-profits.


I am the founder and CEO of Advantage Strategy Consulting, Inc, which I built based on my experience working in the federal government and private industry. I am a licensed Professional Engineer, a Project Management Professional, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Yep, I am an engineer turned project manager turned federal servant turned business leader turned business owner. It's been a fun and incredible journey.

I had that close circle of women as a young engineer. And as we grew up in our careers, we moved around, changed companies, left the industry, and climbed the corporate ladder. As we rose up, there were less of us. 

That ultimately changed when I went to FEMA HQ. There were still more men in leadership positions, but many of them were very intentional about mentoring the women in our group. And then there were women leaders in the agency and among our contractors that I got to know and admired. I found a couple amazing mentors and coaches along the way that really helped me transform from that engineer to a consultant, a business owner, and a coach.

I am so excited to launch the Inspirational Leader Accelerator because I want to bring women together to experience this same transformation and have other amazing leaders with them, side-by-side in this journey.

All the Goodies:

As part of the Inspirational Leader Accelerator, you will get:

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching calls.
  • A bi-weekly Ask MJ Anything call with other Accelerator members to ask any follow-up questions or address specific challenges.
  • A detailed assessment and guidance on your style and strengths focused on leadership and communication.
  • Worksheets, Templates, and Tools you need to establish your vision and develop your action plan.
  • A 12-week video course that accompanies the coaching and allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • An online community for just the women in this Accelerator program to exchange ideas and ask questions any time.

The Accelerator has been updated to provide the flexibility needed by badass women while maintaining a supportive environment for all participants! 

Space is limited to ensure every member gets my full attention and support!!!

How does it work?

The Inspirational Leader Accelerator is a 12-week intensive group program, and I am currently looking for 5 women leaders to join this engaging program and nurturing community. 

The 12 weeks are broken down into three 4-week segments.

  1. Using your strengths to hone your leadership style.
  2. Learning and using the foundations of a cohesive and results-oriented team.
  3. Applying all you have learned to create your action plan and begin to execute it.

And you will do this with the support of Mary Jo as your coach and the Accelerator community of women striving for the same results you are.

This Accelerator is for you if you are: 

  • A woman in her first leadership role, looking to find your voice as a leader, and prove to your team and your bosses that you are meant for even more.
  • A woman executive in a male dominated industry. You with few women who understand you and the challenges you face, with little opportunity for mentorship.
  • A woman that owns and is growing her own business. You have big ideas and need to get your whole company singing from the same sheet of music to make it happen.


"Some years ago I was asked if I ever considered being a Project Manager. It had never crossed my mind. She noticed something in me that I never would have found without her. 5 or so years later, I'm doing it everyday and am so very thankful for her guidance in leading me to a career that I love. Thank you, Mary Jo Mullen!"

I want to join the

Inspirational Leader Accelerator!

Imagine where you could be in just 12 weeks from now, with a transformed leadership style, total clarity in your vision, and the ability to motivate your team and your organization to the results you want.

There are 5 spots open right now. Once this program is filled, I will not be accepting new Accelerator members until 2023. Schedule a call today, or join right now using the button below to ensure you are part of this first Accelerator community!

Simply schedule a call with Mary Jo by clicking here to walk through and make sure this program is a great fit for you (if you made it this far, I'm sure it is!).

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