All organizations – government or business, large or small – need good plans and strategies to meet their missions and obtain results.  However, budget constraints, reprioritizing of resources, changing client and stakeholder expectations, and demanding schedules often result in strategic initiatives being moved to the back burner.  Advantage Strategy Consulting provides right-size and cost-efficient services to work with you to develop the plans you need to meet your goals and achieve your dreams.


Strategic Planning

Advantage Strategy Consulting will facilitate your first strategic plan, or work to refine and refocus your existing plans.  We will perform research and analysis on your industry and your business performance to provide context to the planning effort. We will facilitate an off-site retreat or series of workshops with your team to set goals and objectives. then develop strategies to achieve those goals. We can also support developing your Mission and Vision.

A Strategic Plan is ultimately yours to own, and Advantage Strategy Consulting will support you in every way to ensure it is actionable and creates the change and growth that you desire. We will deliver the long-term plan, as well as a near-term road map.


Stakeholder Engagement

takeholder and community engagement is central to the delivery of large and impactful projects and initiatives. When your work has an impact on people’s daily life, a community’s economic and environmental well-being and to society as a whole – stakeholder engagement is the key to success.  Our experience in implementing national programs at a state and local level has proven that engaging your stakeholders early has long-lasting and valuable results.


process improvement

Continuous process improvement is how organizations improve the quality of their work, the efficiency of delivery, and their competitive advantage.  We work with you to review and document existing processes, identify and analyze the process for improvement, recommend changes, and create a plan for implementation and control of the changes.