The Winning Proposals Workshop is designed to enable you to win more work, grow your revenue, while also increasing your profitability. 

This Workshop helps professional service firms understand how government and large clients prepare Requests for Proposals and Solicitations, reviews the proposals, and ultimately select the firm for award.

The Winning Proposals Workshop is led by a former federal program specialist that has been responsible for development of Acquisition Strategies and Solicitations, and sat on Source Selection Boards. The Workshop Leader also has collaborated with large companies to develop and review proposals for federal contracts valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. Our clients have won $200 Million contracts using these strategies.

In this workshop, you will learn how to set your business apart from the competition in qualifications-based proposal efforts.  You will discover how to write less proposals to win more work. You will gain insights from a someone who has the perspective of client and consultant.  When you complete the workshop, you will be able to apply thoughtful strategy to your own proposal efforts to plan for and write better proposals, with less struggles and pain.